Breaking The Habit

Do you have any habits? I wonder if I was to ask those closest to you about your habits would the two answers be the same? We are not far from that time of year when people make resolutions, many where they lay out their intentions, with all the will in the world, but 3 […]

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“My Precious”?

Being honest is not the easier thing and having to be honest is essential if I am going to write this blog.  As I am writing this I am hoping that I discover I am not alone….and that someone out there can simply say “ditto”. In a recent survey I came across it stated over 85% of people said that […]

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Bigger On The Inside!

Growing up and even still today I am a massive fan of the Chronicles of Narnia.  There were many times as a child I would venture into the back of my parents wardrobe  just wondering if I would find a magical land. This magical wardrobe led us to believe that the inside was truly bigger, […]

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Don’t Get Frustrated…The Answers Here!

There is nothing more frustrating than the request for work for a pupil who is not in school, when you know that the work send home will not be looked at, nor will it ever make its way back to school.  The time and cost involved in this certainly adds up over time and are wasted resources.  But what if it didn’t have to be that way.  What if you could set work and at the click of a button see if it had been attempted?  What if you could create a set of resources that tick so many scenario boxes :

  • Pupils who are absent from school
  • Pupils who have missed school through sickness
  • The more able and talent pupils that work at a faster pace in mixed ability classes
  • The pupil who just wants a refresh on the task they have to do.
  • Carry out assessments in class and provide usable/relevant analytical data
  • If you the teacher is away from lessons you can set relevant and suitable cover work this way too!!!

I wonder if asked you how you would approach this how many of you would know where to start.  For me the answers were found in Office Mix.

This free downloadable add-in is, in my eyes, one of the most powerful tools to have entered the classroom.  We can often be reluctant to install add-ins, but in this case DON’T HOLD BACK!!!

My first ‘running’ with OfficeMix was through creating lessons using it.  I didn’t have to recreate any of the lesson PowerPoint resources I was already using, Office Mix simply enhanced them! Through recording  narration videos I was able to delivered a shorter lesson that give guidance on the task that they were working on in class.  I generated a QR code for each lesson, as well as Tiny URL (the OfficeMix path can be quite long).  By providing pupils with access to the school WiFi they were able to work at various speeds.  When a task was completed they would scan the code (using their mobile phones, or entering the url into the browser on the PC they were working on) for the next task and carry on. I suppose there are elements of the flipped classroom here, but it works.

Momentum doesn’t break nor has it had an affect on the pupils standard of work. And with all Mixes being uploaded to the cloud, these resources wont take up any of the valuable network resources!!!

Homework can be set using the quiz or survey content (useful for AFL at the end of a unit of work).  When questions have been set it provides you with self marking on multiple choice questions, details on how long the pupil took to complete – whole task and each individual questions, how many attempts they had at each question.  When you create the OfficeMixed PowerPoint you can also select the option for it to play on mobile phones…no excuses on being able to access the work – HAHAHAHAHA (evil laugh)!  This is a fabulous tool for teacher.  If you are not looking at this easy to use add in feature for PowerPoint you need to be.  just go to and download it now and find out how you can benefit from it!

Why not give yourself a challenge over the Christmas Holidays in getting to know Office Mix, why not try one of the following :

  • Create a series of lessons using OfficeMix
  • Create one home work task for each of your units of work for a specific year group.
  • Set up an assessment quiz for each unit of work

Give OfficeMix a go….I would love to know what you think! There is so much I could talk about, but I simple want to plant a seed….its down to you to water it and let it grow….trust me….you wont be disappointed!

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And so the journey begins…

All journeys have and start point and a destination.  Through our lives we make many journeys, varying in distance, purpose and difficulty.  I wish to focus on one specific journey, the one I find myself on at present.  The journey started November 16th 2015, early evening. To be honest the email caught me off guard.  It […]

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