Bigger On The Inside!

Growing up and even still today I am a massive fan of the Chronicles of Narnia.  There were many times as a child I would venture into the back of my parents wardrobe  just wondering if I would find a magical land. This magical wardrobe led us to believe that the inside was truly bigger, that by simply pushing through great discoveries could be made.

When was the last time you discovered something by chance or witnessed something you were awe of and wondered how it was achieved? Maybe when you have had a new car and you discover a button for the first time and then you want to show everyone.   Back last month I saw an example office mix video and the quality of it was amazing.  I thought to myself I would love to do that, so I tried and failed…a number of times. But I didn’t throw the towel in.


I had seen an office mix video made by a PowerPoint MVP that had a hyperlinked menu on the presentation which remained as a live navigation bar in the office mix video thus allowing chapters to be set up and nagivated.  Whilst I had trouble getting it right I contacted the creator  and she kindly assisted.   Once again this is a reminder of the support that is out there….if you simply ask. To quote a song that a generation had ingrained in them “we’re all in this together!”.

I want to encourage you to treat any discovery as a ball of clay – shape and mould it to your purpose!

For me , this discovery has allowed me to furtheoffice_mix_quiz-100266877-origr develop  ideas (in this case distance learning and flipped classroom) I had, and more importantly share this with colleagues.

For me, Office Mix is becoming a teacher necessity.   Like the Narnia wardrobe the more you get into it the bigger the possibilities!!! From allow me to develop accessible homework tasks to using it for AFL, providing me with mix-statsanalytical data that allows me to shape and develop my teaching, can simply be descibed as ‘PRICELESS’.

And unlike the wardrobe and Narnia….this isn’t a secret!


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