Breaking The Habit

Do you have any habits? I wonder if I was to ask those closest to you about your habits would the two answers be the same?

We are not far from that time of year when people make resolutions, many where they lay out their intentions, with all the will in the world, but 3 weeks into the new year these new intentions will have faded and they are back to the old habits.

We have all been there! Habits are a difficult thing to break. But we must realise that there are many benefits to dropping habits and although the thought how change can be scary and a degree of self doubt in being able to do it, ultimately the benefits are there in the end.

“A nail is driven out by another nail; habit is overcome by habit.” Desiderius Erasmus

Over the last few years cloud based storage such as OneDrive has mainly been used as an on line backup storage area. However, with the introduction of Office 365 a new way of working was presented to us and opened our eyes to a wealth of possibilities and how we had been under utilising OneDrive.

Over the years there has been nothing more frustrating than when you want to work on a document only to be presented with the message that the microsoft-onedrivedocument is currently being edited by someone else.

Ever shared a document with your department or even whole school you required staff to complete and then have to spend hours collating the responses?

A colleague in another school asks you for a file, but it’s too large to email.  What are you going to do?

I found myself working on my laptop one evening. All of the documents I needed were stored locally. I popped out to make a drink, but on my return a Windows 10 update had started. How frustrated was I that I had to wait. If I had utilised my OneDrive I could have continued on another device. ARGHHH! Lesson learnt….the hard way. If you haven’t invested time looking at OneDrive and the possibilities it provides you need to. It is a completely different way of working but the rewards are there. Worming this way allows:

1. Multiple users working on a single document at the same time – ideal if working on scheme of work on an inset day!

2. Easily share documents with multiple users, easily defining permissions!

3. Just as easy to use as the ‘old school’ way of managing your documents!1

4. Easy to upload your current document to it….you can also upload folders!

5. Access your documents through any device with Internet access!

6. Go to a meeting and forget your work? Don’t worry..use your mobile phone to access it (via browser or the app)!

7. Takes strain off network resources in your school – no more need to ask staff to ‘spring clean’!

8. Stops duplication and promotes standardisation of teaching resources….but remember to always encourage innovation!

9. No need to carry USB storage devices with you where ever you go!

10. Sharing with pupils and staff reduces printing costs….and time standing at photocopier!!!

i am sure that as you use it you can add more benefits to this list.  It is a big change, and staff will need support. Don’t wait for the New Year to ring in the changes! Look at the potential using OneDrive can offer you. Become an efficient teacher, in an efficient department, in an efficient school!

Why not join me in my challenge to break the habit of saving work locally and utilise OneDrive instead.



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